Pharmacy Intern P1-P2 Year

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Rite Aid
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Pharmacy - Pharmacist Intern
Store #13399

05725 - Moreno Valley, CA - 23965 Ironwood Avenue Moreno Valley, California 92557-7153 United States

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Job Description


The primary purpose of this position is to learn and develop the skills and abilities of a Pharmacist while attending Pharmacy school. All duties and responsibilities must be completed under the supervision of a registered Pharmacist.  


The associate is responsible for the functions below, in addition to other duties as assigned:



Accept customer and prescription information, including refill authorization, from customers and doctor’s offices.


Fill customer prescriptions.


Interact with physicians and utilize reference material to gain information on customers and prescriptions and to resolve any issues that arise.


Learn Rite Aid’s computer system; input customer and prescription data into the system.


Ensure prompt service in the Pharmacy department by assisting customers and operating the cash register.


Assist customers with medical-related issues and provide healthcare counseling.


Remain knowledgeable of over-the-counter medications.


Review and understand the company’s policies and procedures.


Assist with maintaining the Pharmacy department by keeping it clean and in order.


Assist with cycle counts, inventory reports, and will-calls to customers.


Complete quality assurance duties applicable to state and federal Board of Pharmacy regulations.


Requires willingness to work flexible schedule, including evening and weekend hours.


Enrolled in an accredited school of pharmacy program required.

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