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Achieving It Together

At Rite Aid, we value the lived experiences of our associates and appreciate their daily impact on the communities we serve. We recognize that an equitable and inclusive workplace culture where people are encouraged to bring their whole selves to work benefits everyone: our associates, our customers and our communities. We are committed to listening to understand and seeking out diverse perspectives so we can help each individual achieve whole health for life.

Ester H.

Client Relations Analyst, Elixir

What does Black History Month mean to you?

"The period in which we can retrospectively review some of the challenges, as well as, triumphs we have experienced as people of color."

Noel T.

Staff Pharmacist

How can Rite Aid support our diverse associates, customers and communities?

"It's a matter of having the right hires and the people with the right attitude to have those positions so people can actually see themselves in those positions."

Darius J.

Pharmacy Technician

How did you feel after you became your true self?

"It is all about transmitting love and self respect for each individual no matter who they are or what their beliefs are. There has to be a mutual respect because we're all the essence of life."

Amanda G.

Pharmacy Manager

Can you give us some helpful advice for allies?

"It's important to educate yourself, talk with that person, don't let that elephant in the room situation happen and just be honest."

Brian W.

Director, Store Experience

What is your commitment to inclusion?

"Making sure that I'm setting the groundwork for everyone to feel like they belong and that I'm engaging everyone around me to share their thoughts & perspectives."


Transformative Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Enabling Business Success

Optimize Associates Experience

More diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment for associates.

Health and Wellness Equity

Improve health and wellness of the associates & communities we serve.


Provide the right products, engaging experience & holistic services for diverse customers & members that are specific to their needs.


Help You Achieve Whole Health For Life
Hustle with Humility

We’re strivers and high achievers who believe that no job is too small. We achieve results with speed and determination.

This means we always...

  • Listen to understand
  • Stay agile and adapt quickly
  • Represent our brand pride
Earn Trust & Keep It

We know trust isn’t guaranteed - it’s something we have earn every day. We act with integrity and deliver on our commitments.

This means we always...

  • Do the right thing
  • Acknowledge and learn from our missteps
  • Embrace problems as opportunities
Get There Together

We’ve got each other’s backs. As long as we stay connected and collaborative, there’s nothing we can’t achieve together.

This means we always...

  • - Seek out diverse perspectives
  • Encourage open and honest communication
  • Make time for fun


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) is an Enabler for Business Success

Establish DEI Operations Model

Building a new organization structure to implement the DEI strategy.

Integrate DEI in HR Strategic Priorities

Making DEI a way of doing business by making it a part of all HR processes.

Establish DEI Communications Strategy

Developing DEI communications plans internal & external to inform associates, customers & shareholders.

Leverage DEI to Fulfill Business Needs

Provide more intentional efforts to Improve health and wellness equity for the underserved.

Develop DEI Measures & Accountability

To implement DEI measures to effectively monitor our progress and ensure leaders address DEI expectations.


Uplifting Our Neighborhoods Together

A public nonprofit, Rite Aid Healthy Futures is a caring force for social good and a catalyst for positive change, dedicated to driving change in communities with a focus on health, wellness, race and equity. Together with our donors, Rite Aid associates, community partners and neighbors, we help lift up local neighborhoods through caring actions and investments that make a real difference in people’s lives. Healthy Futures is proud to be affiliated with Rite Aid, which founded the charity in 2001, when it was then known as The Rite Aid Foundation.

Empowering Children

Building bright futures

Connecting Communities

Striving for systemic change

Strengthening Cities

Supporting vulnerable neighborhoods

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